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On August 12th, 2017

cycling in Cambodia guide

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Cycling in Cambodia Guide 

With the ancient Temples of Angkor and delicious Cambodian cuisine, makes Cambodia a well-loved destination by tourists from all over the world. Cambodia is a place that is being regularly visited by Cyclists ether cycling around Cambodia and Asia or holiday-makers making the most of the fantastic weather, scenery and not forgetting that Cambodia is about 80% flat making it easy riding for all. We’ve even had Super Cycle Man stay with us here at River Village Manor on his round the World charity tour.

Super Cycle Man River Village Manor Siem Reap

Super Cycle Man outside River Village Manor Guesthouse in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Super Cycle Man River Village Manor Guesthouse

Super Cycle Man with the River Village Manor family

Below, you will find a few reasons to cycle within Cambodia, Fantastic Reasons to Cycle in Cambodia

  1. The Location is Superb: Cambodia is bound by four great places. Laos is bounding it to the north; Thailand is bounding it at the west; A Coastal region is bounding it to the south; South Vietnam is bounding it to the East. The journey cycling around Cambodia opens you to the experience of seeing The Kingdom of Wonder in all its glory.
  2. Cambodian Traffic: while cycling round Cambodia, you will experience the extreme traffic in Cambodia. For example, street stalls at the side of the road selling everything from food to Cambodian round straw hats, batteries being left at the roadside to be recharged, their trucks and other vehicles being always overloaded, driving on the wrong side of the road. But don’t let that put you off Cambodia has plenty to offer.
  3. The People Are Friendly: While cycling, you would hear the cheers from happy kids shouting Hello and most Cambodian’s are more than happy to help, should you need assistance. You wont be the only cyclist on the road, most of the time you will likely see school children on bicycles also.
  4. Their Intriguing Culture and History: Cambodia is full of history and culture; Siem Reap has a lot of ancient temples to visit and cycling around the Temples of Angkor on its own is something that you would really enjoy. If you are thinking of Cycling around the Temples of Angkor we have some old city bicycles guests can borrow or for group and private tours we use Butterfly Tours.
  5. Cambodia has Great Food: Cambodia was occupied by the French for 100 years and you can certainty see the French influence in the architecture and the food with a few traditional Khmer tweaks. They have great foods like breads, cakes, Soups, fish, frogs and snails, etc. Try the fried bananas their really tasty.


Tips: Cycling in Cambodia

With these tips, we hope you will have a great cycling session in Cambodia.

  1. Cambodia Has Flat Roads: there are a only a few mountains in Cambodia. Despite the fact that there are some mountains in the south and the north east, you would cycle on a flat road in any other part of Cambodia.
  2. The Road Structure is Mixed: the roads are not all paved, and this is because Cambodia is still a developing country. People still use the old methods of travelling- Ox carts etc. And they the main mode of transport is the use of scooters, bicycles, etc.
  3. Beware of Lorries (HGV): while cycling through Cambodia, it is always advisable that you watch out for lorries (HGV). One of Cambodia’s biggest export is textiles so seeing container lorries on the road is not unusual. Cambodia economy is growing at a fast rate with housing developments popping up all-over, so construction lorries are visible on the roads too.
  4. Accommodations Available in Cambodia: If you are cycling around Cambodia, accommodation shouldn’t be a problem as their guesthouses and hotels in every major town throughout Cambodia. Of course if you find yourself in Siem Reap, we offer good accommodation with a great Breakfast here at River Village Manor.
  5. Stick to Bigger Towns for Spare Part: in case you need spare parts for your bicycle, you would only be able to get spare parts in bigger town’s in Cambodia. Giant bikes are probably the most common mountain bike brand in Cambodia and parts are easily available. If you get into trouble, you will find there is always someone at the roadside offering bike maintenance and repair





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