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On July 27th, 2017

Cycling around the Temples of Angkor

Butterfly Off the Beatenn Track Tour

Cycling Around the Temples of Angkor and the best way? small group tour or solo?

The Temples of Angkor are the main tourist attraction in Cambodia near Siem Reap and attracts millions of people to the Northwestern city of Cambodia every year. The Angkor ruins is a vast expanse of land that’s made up of thousands of temple that are in various state of ruins. The place holds a lot of history and beautiful sites with breathtaking views. In planning a visit to Angkor Wat, you have to ensure you get your ticket from the ticket office.

Planning your visit

You should also plan to visit at the right time to catch the sun rising over Angkor Wat and the temples; setting of at 4:30am without a ticket and 5am with a pre-purchased ticket. This is one of the main attractions while a lot of people visit Angkor Wat (the worlds largest religious monument), for it is a very beautiful sight to behold, a sight that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. You will find other tourists out there waiting to observe the rising of the sun over the temples at the early hours of the day.

We recommend Butterfly Cycling Tours

Now, you have to understand that they are tourist guides available, who can take you around Angkor Wat in group tours minivans, taxis etc. but it's lovely when you personally experience cycling around the Angkor Wat and the Temples of Angkor on your own or with a small group. This is the best way to travel around the Temples and its vast expanse of land if you enjoy cycling, you will be able to cover places at your own pace than lagging about with a large group tour. We recommend and use Butterfly Tours. Butterfly Tours goes beyond being an ordinary tour company. As advocates of young Cambodian leadership, we believe in the power of education and the development of entrepreneurship. Our stance reflects the ultimate aim of our company: To create local, empowered, and independent Cambodian employers and employees who will ultimately contribute to the development of Cambodia’s local economy and the environment.

Small group tour v River Village Manor free bikes

There are lots of temples and most of the paths can easily be accessible by a bicycle. One thing about cycling around the Temples personally or in small groups is that you can go to places that the tour guides would not have taken you to with his large group. And another advantage is that you can cover and see more places than being with a group.

Renting a bike is usually very cheap and affordable because most bicycles is rented for just $1 to $5 per day depending on the type and model of the bike, here at River Village Manor we have bikes that guests can use for free, however if you are looking for a tour guide and off the beaten track routes Butterfly Tours are for you. It is also of import to purchase your Angkor Archaeological Park passes or tickets which are sold for $37.50 for a day tour or $62 for three days. With several cycling tours available we recommend Butterfly Cycling Tour which cost around $28 which is good value for money and helps local business and development. Riding is usually fun and easy since the area is just flat tracks and small roads since there are no hills in the area and visitors are usually given a free map to make navigation easy.

Be prepared when cycling around the Temples of Angkor

Now, you must understand that you have to come prepared if you intend cycling in the Temple complex. The Temples Angkor is a vast land, and you have to come prepared with the right clothes for the heat, with lots of water for the trip. You should also have some snacks for a little picnic when you stop for a break. You can as well buy stuff from some shops and restaurants that are operating in Angkor complex.

Since the area is regarded as a holy area because of the temples, there are quite a lot of rules, and it is advisable to stick to the rules when cycling around the Angkor Wat. It is very important to keep your ticket with you as it may be required of you to show them.

You should also respect the proper dress codes, especially for women, as the place is a religious site and certain things are not allowed.



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