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Microlight Cambodia, Fly arount the Temples of Angkor, the Floating Villages, lush jungles  & flooded forests

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Discover Cambodia's incredible landscape with Microlight Cambodia Tours

With over 10 year veteran pilot & guide experience 

Fly around the temples of Angkor, floating villages, lush jungles, and flooded forests in a Microlight Aircraft.

Cambodia’s incredible landscape is covered with unspoiled natural beauty, splendid rice fields, palm trees, countryside with mountains in the back ground, empty beaches, bustling markets, vibrant cities and the largest set of ancient temples in the world forming a harmonious whole. Above all this, its people, their charm and warm-hearted hospitality. Adventure the Ancient Kingdom from the Sky!

Your Pilot

Our Microlight pilot Eddie is an American expat who has been living in Cambodia for 10 years. Eddie has thousands of hours of experience flying around Siem Reap and Cambodia in the Microlight / Ultralight aircraft.

Prices: (advance booking recommended)

Rolous Group - Approx 20 Minutes - $95 per person

Phnom Krom/Floating Village - Approx 20 Minutes - $95 per person

Temple Route - Rolous, Beantey Samrie, East Mebon, Pre Rup, Sra Srang, Angkor Wat - Approx 30 Minutes - $150 per person

See it all - Approx 1 Hour - $235 per person

Customized routes are available upon request From 7AM - 11AM From 3PM - Sunset 7 Days a week Please also note that our maximum weight limit is 110 Kg's.




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"Enjoy, Relax & feel at home at 
River Village Manor Guesthouse in Siem Reap"

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